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According to the global 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research Report, work-life balance is among the top 3 factors an employee considers before joining an organization. 80% of working parents say work-life balance matters while considering a job. In India, work-life balance affects women more than men. In the past decade, Indian female labour participation has gone down by a whopping 10%. According to a study on millennials across the world, Indian millennials put in the highest number of working hours per week, 52 hours; this is against 48 in China, 45 in USA and 41 in the UK.


Finding work-life balance is an issue that affects employers as well as employees, all over the world. Employees who are unable to find a balance between work and life feel highly stressed and have low productivity. Similarly, employers who do not offer a good work-life balance face a lack of skilled employees, high attrition rates, heavy employee turnover.


What can we do to achieve work-life balance?

Balancing life and work can be tricky. A company may create a culture that fosters work-life balance, but it is up to us to make the right decisions to align our work and life. An ideal way to achieve work-life balance is to take a course on adopting a mindfulness-approach to work-life balance. These programs are designed to coach you in practices such as:


Prioritizing effectively.


Focusing better, minimizing distractions, reducing multitasking.


Listening with curiosity.


Improving memory.


Breathing and meditation.


Eating and sleep habits.


Exercising regularly.


Realizing the importance of positive relationships.


Having a personal hobby.


Being unaffected by external stimuli.


Having an accepting attitude, being non-judgmental.


Maintaining a steady pace.


Facing your emotions rather than denying or avoiding them.


Why join a program to achieve work-life balance?

A work-life balance program helps you excel at work and relish activities outside of work. While we may know some of these practices, we may not be attuned to imbibing them in our day-to-day life. Taking up a program is not very demanding on your resources, energy or time. However, it does enable you with simple directives and activities that help enhance your day.


Mindfulness programs help in balancing life and work by increasing stress resilience, have a more positive outlook, greater empathy and connection with others, better decision-making. These programs will make you work smarter and not harder, giving you more time to pursue activities outside of work.


At Eastern Mindfulness (EM), we understand the importance of work-life balance to both, employers and employees. Our mindfulness coaches are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in conducting work-life balance programs that suit your needs.


Originating from the east, Eastern Mindfulness and has spread its footprint all over the world. Our mindfulness-based work-life balance programs have helped many corporates and individuals achieve their goals.


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