Eastern Mindfulness


What Our Students Have to Say

Mr. Alok is a very energetic mental wellness coach. There were many take home lessons on – How to manage and channelize our energy in the right direction. In current situation it is very important to be positive & lead a stress-free life
Mr. Anish Ranjan Dutta
Witnessed a great session. Would love to have such wonderful sessions more frequently.
Mr. Shaik Karim
This session was very refreshing and insightful. Mental health & resilience are equally important to lead a successful life. Thank you to Mr. Alok for reminding this to us
Ms. Nandina Ray
The session was amazing and the way it was delivered was very helpful. We need longer and continuous sessions. It will help us further. Thank you!
Mr. Mugilraj
HCL Technologies LTD
Excellent! that is what I have to say! Alok has got very good command over the subject and made the entire session an amazing experience
Ms. Rajeshwari Purohit
Geometric LTD.
The session was very enlightening & very enjoyable. A completely new experience! Learnt new practices that I definitely want to incorporate in my life
Ms. Asmita Sharma
N.L Dalmia Institute of Management Studies
I had very good and fantastic experience during the program. The processes help to keep ourselves fit & understand the holistic health perspective. Also assists in understanding how to optimize our efforts, energies & soundness in social, public & personal life. Alok is fantastic!
Mr. Xavier D'silva
Syska LED
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Zasha Swan
From Australia
It was ‘high’ value for time. I felt AWESOME! Overall, it was an introspective experience. Liked it
Mr. Pramod Bhatkar
Ultimate computech
The Corporate Mindfulness program was very good for releasing stress & anxiety. I feel, this module should be a part of one’s everyday life. One should start their morning by these practices for an energetic day & to have a deep sleep.
Mr. Mohandas Keshwani
Director, Newtech Computer Services
The program was extremely valuable & post session I felt highly positive. I would love to organize the mindfulness sessions for my organization. Overall it was a wonderful session. After a tiring day, it was an energetic end!
Mr. Viren Bavishi
Partner, Sapphire Micro Systems
The session was amazing and the way it was delivered was very helpful. We need longer and continuous sessions. It will help us further. Thank you !
Mr. Mugilrajwan
Technical Lead, HCL Technologies LTD.
The program actually helped me to release all my stress & assisted me to concentrate better on my work.
Ms. Sneha Rawat
Asst. Manager HR, Syska LED
Post the Mindfulness sessions I feel more focused and less stressed. Also I have been experiencing less anger issues. Alok is very good at whatever he is doing. We are improving ourselves at various levels & are happy with the programs.
Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani
Director, Syska LED
“Percentage of stress level drastically reduced post the seminar, feeling relaxed!”
B. Surendra Kumar
Technical Manager, HCL Technologies LTD.
“The program was nice & excellent. Please go in as many organizations as possible, people will benefit drastically & this will also help them achieve their goals”
Lead Engineer, HCL Technologies LTD
It was an excellent program. Effectively invested time, appreciate it. Alok is excellent in whatever he is doing and he connected with everyone beautifully
Mr. Nitin Umap
Associate General manager, Geometric LTD
Every organization should have the Eastern Mindfulness sessions as a part of their employee wellness program. Highly beneficial.
Mr. Rizwan Tandel
Executive director, S and T