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At least once a day, we either say or hear the word stress. Nearly half the working population of India are stressed; one in four Canadians cite stress as the reason for leaving their job; over a third of British residents feel stressed for at least a full day per week; more than 60% of Americans feel stressed on account of work. These alarming statistics go on to show that stress is increasingly becoming an issue and we need to do something to help release and manage stress.  

What can we do to release stress?

While it is true that stress is encroaching upon our peace day in and day out, we can effectively combat it by turning to a stress release and management program. These programs are tailored to individual needs by experienced mindfulness coaches after detailed discussions. As the causes of stress vary for every individual depending on their circumstances, so does the stress release program. However, the underlying principles of the stress management programs are uniform. All stress release and management programs aim to:

Make it an experience rather than a task; individuals are encouraged to view mindful observation of their life as an adventure, an enjoyable quest and not as a mundane chore

Inculcate regular, disciplined practice of various forms of meditation through self-motivation

Committing to lifestyle changes needed to undertake mindfulness practice formally.

Being consciously aware of every moment; being able to differentiate between clock time and present moment.

Group orientations to generate a feeling of community, belonging, acceptance, support, motivation.


Why join a stress release and management program?

We’re all plagued by stress in some form of the other, be it realists or dreamers. If left unaddressed, stress will slowly creep into every aspect of our lives and affect us physically, mentally and physiologically.

Stress release and management programs can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day life. These programs are not too demanding on your time, resources or energy. They are just a set of simple, easy-to-follow directives and activities that help you manage stress and have a happy and fulfilling life.

Stress management programs go a long way in enhancing the recovery from various conditions such as asthma, anxiety & panic attacks, depression, fatigue, eating disorders, grief, physical pain, headaches, sleep disorders.

At Eastern Mindfulness (EM), our coaches are experts in all stress related matter and advise a mindfulness approach to stress release and management. Our team is exceptionally qualified and experienced to chalk out a stress release program that best suits your needs.

Originating from the east, Eastern Mindfulness has spread its footprint far and wide all over the globe. We have successfully helped numerous, distinguished clientele in stress release and management through our mindfulness approach. We hold your hand throughout the program while making you capable of managing stress independently and effectively.

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