Eastern Mindfulness

Self Excellence Coaching

One on one coaching by Alok Taunk

Self Excellence Coaching is the one to one coaching arm of Eastern Mindfulness. These are exclusive online sessions with individual participants, helping them throughout their growth journey. The Self Excellence Coaching program is based on the 3C principle i.e clarity, confidence & creation. If you are trying to breed some clarity in your goals, streamline your work, strengthen your relationships, elevate your wellbeing  and dive deeper into your spiritual journey, this coaching program is for you.

3 C's of Excellence Coaching

Self excellence coaching primarily focuses on breeding clarity in your goals. Through intensive interventions we shall lay down a clear action oriented plan to achieve them. Regular one on one sessions will help us in narrowing down the problem areas & further would assist us in discovering solutions.

Confidence is the core ingredient in the goal achievement process. Your confidence defines your success rate. Throughout the Self excellence coaching sessions, you’ll be able to elevate your self confidence levels in order to relentlessly stay on the course & take measurable action steps.  

The ultimate objective of this coaching program is to empower you to breed the desired outcomes. Results are an outcome of taking massive actions & one can take massive actions only when there is clarity in the goals & confidence in the self.

Achieving Holistic Excellence