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Self-confidence issues strike a chord with every one of us. We have all experienced that low feeling where we are simply not good enough, in anything we do. This thought, while starts out small, if left unchecked, goes on to permeate every area of life – work, school, hobbies, social gatherings. Low self-confidence can go on to manifest into bigger issues such as addiction, eating disorders, bullying, violent behavior, anxiety, depression and even suicide. It is, therefore, critical that we nip self-confidence issues in the bud.

What can we do to build self-confidence?

Self-confidence issues are often a result of external influences. And, we all know external factors are beyond our control. What we can do, though, is teach ourselves not to be affected by these external stimuli. The key is to train our mind to ward off thoughts that threaten to jeopardize our self-confidence. A simple way to achieve this is attending a program that teaches us to build and preserve our self-confidence through a mindfulness approach. Such programs help us re-wire our thought process and teach us techniques such as:


Inculcating self-awareness and self-compassion.


Visualisation of positive self


Being vigilant of self-thoughts and filter negative ones


Learning to embrace the present moment rather than dwelling in the past.


Body language that helps in building self-confidence.


Why join a program to build self-confidence?

Thoughts such as ‘My arms are too fat, ‘My legs are too skinny’, ‘ ‘I’m too lazy,’ ‘I’ll never be able to do this’ are the starting point of low self-confidence. Every one of us has such thoughts, and we beat ourselves up to the point of no recovery.

Programs designed to build self-confidence empower us with the necessary mindfulness techniques needed to overcome this daily challenge. We may be aware of these techniques but don’t know how to make them a part of our daily lifestyle. Attending a program does not take up much time, energy or resources. In turn, we learn easy and straightforward practices and actions that help enrich our lives every single day.

Self-confidence building programs go a long way in making us feel good, allowing us to experiment, enhancing our problem-solving abilities, making us better team players, exhibiting leadership qualities; essentially having a sunny and positive outlook towards everyone and everything.

We, at Eastern Mindfulness (EM), understand the importance of confidence in self and its ripple effect. Our mindfulness coaches are highly competent and experienced to provide a self-confidence building program that meets your needs. Our mentors guide participants throughout the program and empower them with techniques to boost and maintain their self-confidence and self-respect.

Eastern Mindfulness hails from the east and offers services all over the world. Our mindfulness-approach to building self-confidence has been and continues to help esteemed clientele in achieving their personal and professional goals.

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