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Most people spend more time at work than anywhere else. However, how much of this time is spent productively, is debatable. There are myriad reasons for low productivity at work such as sleep deprivation, using the Internet for non-work purposes, stress, lengthy office meetings, traveling to work, feedback, access to latest technologies, long hours, employee engagement initiatives, management, communication, weather conditions or even the office temperature! Whatever be the reason, low productivity is an issue that affects most organizations and consequently economies.  

What can we do to enhance our productivity?

Low productivity at work can be easily remedied by turning to a mindfulness-based program. Organizations such as Google, Aetna, Mayo Clinic and the United States Marine Corps use mindfulness training to improve workplace functioning. Insurance giant Aetna offered its team members mindfulness-training and found that the participants added about 60 minutes to their productivity per week, which translated to about 3000$ per member per annum. The study ‘Debiasing the Mind through Meditation’ suggests that increased mindfulness reduces the tendency to allow unrecoverable prior costs to influence current decisions.

During a Mindfulness-based program, you can expect to learn certain breathing, relaxation, meditation, visualization techniques which will help:


Letting go of fleeting thoughts.


Redirecting energy and attention.


Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine.


Being objective and not give in to biases and conditioning.


Looking at the big picture.


Uni-tasking and not multi-tasking.


Accepting your limits and knowing that you can’t do everything.


Why join a mindfulness program to enhance productivity?

A mindfulness program teaches you to create the right conditions that bring out the best in you. Whether you’re an executive or a manager, you can easily practice mindfulness in any place, any time, in any company. Mindfulness makes you more aware of yourself, your environment, your resources. This, in turn, enhances your productivity as you tend to:


Focus on the task at hand.

Be less distracted.

Manage your time better.

Build resilience to stressful situations.

Make better decisions.

Chart out a clear action path.

Delegate better.

Communicate better.

Think creatively.

Be more empathetic.


With increased productivity comes higher self-confidence, staying motivated, higher job satisfaction; essentially being more successful.

At Eastern Mindfulness (EM), we understand the difference a productive workforce can make to the organization’s growth and success. Our mindfulness coaches are highly skilled and qualified in imparting mindfulness techniques in a simple yet effective manner. We have helped several organizations reach their true potential by conducting mindfulness programs tailored to enhance productivity.

Originating in the east, Eastern Mindfulness has a strong presence all across the globe. We are dedicated to the cause of spreading the benefits of mindfulness at the workplace and how it helps enhance productivity.

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