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Mindfulness 101 (FREE)

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Mindfulness 101 – A beginner’s guide to conscious living.

  • Is stress hampering your efficiency?
  • Are you wanting to bring more clarity in your decision making?
  • Are you looking out for different & more productive outcomes in your life?
  • Are you looking out for more calmer & peaceful state of being?

if yes, Mindfulness is your answer !

The ‘Mindfulness 101’ course is your first step towards conscious living. This course will uncover the basic understanding of the Mindfulness wisdom along with a practical framework for integrating it in various aspects of your life.


This course also has a guided mindfulness meditation for calming the mind & achieving instant relaxation.

Integrating the science of mindfulness helps in breeding clarity in our thoughts which leads to better decision making & smarter choices. There are thousands of research studies carried out on the effects of mindfulness on our mind & body, for which the studies have been astonishing.

Globally, Mindfulness has been embraced & integrated in various aspects of life, right from schools, to college, to offices, army, even hospitals for that matter.

Mindfulness is the gateway to living a peaceful, content, productive & happy life.

Some of the benefits of practicing Mindfulness on daily basis are:

  • Stress-free & relaxed state of mind.
  • Mental clarity & better decision making.
  • Elevated awareness & attention to detail.
  • Sharper & calmer cognition.
  • Stronger immune system.


What do you get in the course?

  • 6 video lessons
  • Mindfulness framework
  • Guided meditation
  • Quizzes

alok taunk

Commence your Mindfulness journey now & turn your NOW into WOW!

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4 reviews for Mindfulness 101 (FREE)

  1. Himanshu singh

    Nice course, thank you for creating this. It is helpful..

  2. Amit Kumar (verified owner)


  3. Kajal Joshi (verified owner)

    Wonderful and blessed

  4. Hetal Upadhyay (verified owner)

    If you want a better version of your self go for mindfulness practices. Very nicely designed app. Productive, useful

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