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Corporate relations are one of the pillars of business success. 95% of clients act as a result of bad experience, and of this 85 % want to warn others about doing business with the company. 50% of customers use a company more often after a positive experience while nearly 60% of customers never want to return to a company after a bad experience. 86% of clients are willing to pay up to 25% higher for a better customer experience. 23% of clients who have a good business relationship spread the word to more than 10 people.

These statistics clearly illustrate why businesses are increasingly focusing on nourishing relations. 


What can we do to build and maintain relationships successfully?

We all strive to forge strong and lasting relationships in different spheres of life but are not always successful. The slightest gap in one relationship could create a ripple effect, and you might find yourself in a rather challenging environment. A great way to build and maintain successful corporate connections is to turn towards a mindfulness program. Practicing mindful relationships could be the stepping stone to a life well lived. A mindfulness program teaches you techniques in meditation, breathing, sleep, diet and exercise that will help:


Stay in the moment and not stray.


Give undivided attention to the task at hand.


Listen empathetically while being objective.


Allow your emotions to flow but not consume you.


Practice self-awareness, self-compassion and self-centeredness.


Watch your thoughts and be able to reign negative ones.


Why join a mindfulness program to enhance your relationships?

While the nature of relationships with people in different capacities may be different, the underlying qualities of a great relationship remain the same. A mindfulness program will significantly help in nurturing and developing exceptional and lasting relationships. Taking up a mindfulness program is not demanding on time, energy or resources. The techniques are designed to be simple and practical and can easily be blended in your day-to-day life. Mindful relations will benefit you immensely as:


You feel upbeat, confident and make those around you feel the same.


You work together as a team thus enhancing productivity.


You are considered an excellent leader.


You successfully achieve goals collectively.


You become more flexible, approachable.


You are willing to experiment, think creatively.


Joining a mindfulness program will do wonders for all your relationships, existing and new; in all walks of life.


We, at Eastern Mindfulness (EM), understand the role of successful relationships in a fulfilling life. Our coaches firmly believe that mindfulness can take a relationship from being good to great. We take pride in our coaches who are highly skilled and experienced.


While Eastern Mindfulness hails from the east, its footprint can be found all over the world. We have successfully conducted mindfulness programs for several distinguished clients and continue to do so.


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