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Effective Leadership. Every organization aspires for it, tries to develop it and seeks to hire it. So, why are 77% of organizations overall are currently experiencing a leadership gap? Part of the problem comes from a gap in leadership skills. A sizeable proportion of employees in leadership positions are retiring; while the next generation is not equipped with the skills needed to take their place. 84% of organizations anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next 5 years. And yet, 56% of organizations are not ready to meet their leadership needs. More and more organizations are taking initiatives to develop leadership skills in their employees, but they still have a long way to go. Only 5% of organizations have fully implemented leadership development at all levels. Given this challenging environment, organizations need to take measures to develop leaders across all levels.


What can we do to develop leadership skills?

A simple yet effective solution to developing leadership skills is to participate in a mindfulness program. Several large companies such as Aetna, General Mills, Google, Blackrock, Goldman Sachs have been conducting mindfulness programs over the past few years and found them to be quite impactful. Eminent leaders such as Steve Jobs and Arianna Huffington are also well-known for practicing mindfulness.

These programs train you in certain breathing, meditation, workout, documenting and visualization techniques that help you:


Focus on the present moment while being non-judgmental.


Display self-knowledge, self-awareness and centeredness.

Listen attentively when people talk to you.


Assess situations without bias and take decisions.


Trust your team and empower them.


Assist in time management, prioritizing and staying organized.


Reduce physical wear and tear; enhance immunity


Implement new strategies; drive change collectively.


Adapt to a rapidly changing, uncertain business environment.


Why join a mindful leadership program?

Today’s lives are consumed by technology and consequently the distractions are manifold. Hence, today’s leaders, more than ever, need to learn to focus, stay in the present and think straight in the face of complex decision-making. A mindful leadership program helps inculcate and reinforce leadership qualities such as focus, empathy, precision and innovation. It molds you into a leader who is sure, open and is strong to enough to make ethical business choices. You develop a higher degree of emotional intelligence that helps you excel at home, at work and in the community.


We, at Eastern Mindfulness (EM), understand the difference effective leadership can bring to the success of an organization. Our mindfulness coaches are highly competent and experienced in imparting mindfulness techniques. We are committed to the cause of imparting mindfulness techniques that help create world-class leaders.


Eastern Mindfulness conducts leadership programs for organizational leaders and employees across the globe. By practicing mindfulness, employees enhance their leadership skills and transform their environments into a place of creativity, higher discipline, increased productivity and extensive empathy.


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