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Studies show that businesses with effective corporate communication practices are 50% more likely to report employee turnover than the industry average. A whopping 97% of employees believe that communication impacts their daily tasks and performance. Effective communication leads to increase productivity, as high as 25% when employees feel engaged with their work and connected to their co-workers. Engaged employees can improve operating income by nearly 20% over a 12-month period. 44% of employees want a wider adoption of internal communication tools. Communications barriers could set back a business by more than USD 25,000 cumulative cost per-worker per-year. 28% of employees reported poor communication as the primary cause of failing to deliver a project in its original time frame.


Given these statistics, it is apparent why more and more businesses are focusing on building robust corporate communications.


 What can we do to communicate effectively?

Communication can make or break relationships, personal and professional. Major misunderstandings can be easily fixed by effective communication. A prudent step to improve communication would be attending a mindfulness program. Being mindful while communicating can go a long way in effectively expressing yourself. During a mindful communication program, you can expect to learn certain breathing, meditation, diet, exercise and sleep practices that help:


Be in the present moment completely, not give in to prejudice.


Be aware, centered and compassionate to self.


Visualize a positive you.


Keep a tab on your thoughts and allow negative ones to pass.


Improve body language while communicating.


Adapt to mindful communication throughout your day.


Focus only on the subject of communication, let go of distractions.


Why join a mindful communication program?

Effective communication is the cornerstone of personal and professional success. But, more often than not, we fail at communicating effectively. Miscommunication, if left unresolved, can wreak havoc in your life and affect you in more ways than one.

A mindful communication program helps you be effective and efficient while communicating. Attending a mindful communication program is not demanding on your time, energy or resources. The learnings are practical and straightforward and can be instantly incorporated into your existing lifestyle. Effective communication, in turn, will help.


Feel good about yourself, boost self-confidence.


Enhance productivity, achieve your goals better.


Be more open and accepting, allows experimenting.


Improve your relationships, professional and personal.


Be better leaders as well as team players.


Think outside the box.


A mindful communication program will only be a stepping stone to a better way of life.


At Eastern Mindfulness (EM), our mentors are specialized in mindfulness techniques that help communicate effectively. We have handpicked coaches who are highly qualified and skilled in imparting mindfulness techniques.


With roots in the east, Eastern Mindfulness has spread its wings across the globe. We have conducted mindful communication programs for numerous, esteemed clients who are reaping the benefits. Our unique approach helps clients communicate effectively and efficiently.


To learn about our mindful communication programs, contact us here.