Eastern Mindfulness


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Eastern Mindfulness is a platform offering tools for optimizing human performance & taking it to the peaks of excellence. The programs are highly interactive and engaging ones; they are based on ancient wisdom and mindfulness science from the east.

Mindfulness is the process of experiencing the present in totality and in a non-judgmental way in order to increase awareness and engagement. Here in Eastern Mindfulness, we have combined various intensive & radical stress & anxiety release processes, along with the sacred Himalayan wisdom. We have made it palatable as per the modern day requirement. This makes the overall process highly intensive & effective.

Eastern Mindfulness programs are developed in such a way that they work on all the three levels of an individual- mental, emotional & physical. We tend to majorly work on only the physical aspect of health and completely forget the rest 80% of the chunk. These programs help in realigning & optimizing one’s health from a holistic perspective & enables individuals to unbox their true potential. This ultimately hits positively on one’s personal,

“Mindful employees make mindful teams and mindful teams make mindful organizations”, as expressed by the co-founder, Alok Taunk; this helps in understanding the mindfulness synergy across the teams & departments. The Eastern Mindfulness programs focuses on the basic building blocks of productivity, goal manifestation, relationships, leadership etc. along with interactive engagements & radical processes which recalibrate an individual’s perception & capabilities ultimately benefiting the organization.

It is recommended to integrate the Eastern Mindfulness practices in one’s daily schedule (just 30 minutes a day to start with). As it is said, practice is the mother of all skills, practicing the protocols on daily basis shall lead to an overall transformation & allow an individual to lead 200% life (100% psychological capabilities & 100% physiological ones).

Discipline & practice are your keys! Every program has “easy to implement” takeaways along with a daily practice module which is expected to be implemented in one’s daily routine.

Practicing the Eastern Mindfulness protocols, on daily basis, along with implementation of the takeaways shall result into a tangible transformation.

Program Questions

It’s very simple. You may first visit the PROGRAMS section and take a tour through various programs listed. If you have doubts before finalizing, you may contact us and get your queries answered by our experts. Post successfully shortlisting the program you may write us about the same. Our team shall get back to you at the earliest possible.

  • The venue shall highly depend on the strength of the participants, it can be your organizational training space, hotel banquet hall, any other facility accommodating expected number of participants.
  • A projector & clear sound system
  • A lapel /collar mic, additional cordless mic for participant interaction
  • Notepad & pen for all the participants
  • It is advisable to all the participants to wear comfortable & loose clothes during the program and also stay light on stomach.

Please write us at info@easternmindfulness.com for any further queries, our team shall get back in a day’s time!