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In a survey, emotional intelligence (EI) was tested alongside 33 other important workplace skills and it was found that EI is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining 58% of success in all jobs. 90% of top performers are also high in EI and consequently earn higher; nearly 30,000$ per annum higher than those with lower EI. It is estimated that every point increase in emotional intelligence adds 1,300$ to an annual salary. Statistics from Harvard, Stanford and Carnegie Foundation show that 85-87% of our success accounts from soft skills – emotional intelligence and personal skills, yet we only pay attention to them 10% of the time.


It is evident from these statistics that emotional intelligence is a pre-requisite to be successful, individual and business. Hence, it is no surprise that more and more corporates are turning towards building a pool of emotionally intelligent resources. 


What can we do to develop emotional intelligence?

In today’s time and day, emotional intelligence is as important as intellectual intelligence. While we actively work on developing intellectual intelligence by reading and learning, we seldom do the same for emotional intelligence. A great path to get started on building emotional intelligence is to attend a mindfulness program. During a mindfulness program, you can expect to learn certain breathing, meditation, dietary, sleep and physical fitness practices that will help:


Being aware of your emotions as well as those around.


Accepting that people experience emotions differently.


Watching your emotions but not giving in to them.


Applying emotions, both positive and negative, to become resourceful.


Being self-aware, self-compassionate and centered to self.


Learn to take control of your emotions.


Why join a mindfulness program to develop emotional intelligence?

Being mindful of your emotions is a prerequisite to being emotionally intelligent. A mindfulness program helps manifest emotional intelligence as it helps you in balancing emotions. Joining a mindfulness program is not demanding on time, resources or energy. You will be coached in simple practices that can be easily incorporated in your daily routine. Following these practices regularly will greatly help as you:


Are more observant, listen better, communicate better.


Earn the trust of those you interact with as you are more empathetic.


Don’t judge others’ emotional outbursts; rather you try to identify the cause


Become more resilient and can tackle difficult challenges.


Emotional intelligence is an important skill and a mindfulness program is one of the best tools to help build it.


At Eastern Mindfulness (EM), we know what a resourceful skill emotional intelligence is. Our mentors firmly believe that mindfulness is the ladder to reach emotional intelligence. Eastern Mindfulness prides itself in mentors who are dedicated and skilled in imparting mindfulness techniques.


Originating in the east, Eastern Mindfulness has spread its wings across the globe. We have conducted mindfulness programs that help build emotional intelligence for numerous esteemed clients.


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