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Simply put, cognition is how a person sees the world and acts in it. Cognitive abilities are brain skills that are needed to carry out any task, from the basic to the most complex. They have more to do with the techniques used to learn, remember, solve problems and focusing rather than actual information. For example, answering a door involves perception (hearing the bell), decision making (whether or not to answer the door), motor skills (turning the knob), language skills (speaking and understanding the language), social skills (interpreting voice tone, body language and responding appropriately).

As you can see, cognitive skills are the very foundation of your success, whether personal or professional. Skills such as understanding a report, observing situations and drawing inference, analyzing problems, brainstorming and evaluating solutions, being unilaterally focused are constantly looked for in an individual.  


What can we do to enhance our cognition?

A great way to improve your cognitive abilities is to attend a mindfulness program. These programs are developed to teach techniques in meditation, breathing, sleeping, visualization, relaxation that help you:


Be in the present moment free of judgment.


Have self-awareness, self-realization, self-compassion, self-centeredness.


Learn to watch negative thoughts and let them go.


Listening effectively and empathetically.


Enhance several domains of attention, some domains of memory and executive functions.


Being receptive to new methods.


Why join a mindfulness program to improve your cognitive abilities?

A mindfulness program is the ideal platform to learn, build, develop and improve cognitive abilities. Taking up a mindfulness program is not challenging on your time or resources. And, in return, you are rewarded with the knowledge of techniques that can drastically improve your cognitive abilities. These techniques are nothing but simple practices that you can easily incorporate in your day-to-day routine. Improved cognitive abilities help you:

Have a better grip on whatever subject you are discussing.


Be more confident and sure of yourself.


Be more effective in your communication.


Have better relationships, personal and business.


Improve problem-solving and decision making.


Boost your productivity.


Be known as a good leader.


Be recognized as a team player.


Be more energetic, less fatigued.


Enhance memory capacity.


Essentially, a mindfulness program will help you lead a better quality of life

At Eastern Mindfulness, we understand the role of cognitive abilities in personal and professional success. The stronger your cognitive abilities, the better is your output. To this end, our coaches leave no stone unturned while imparting mindfulness practices. They are highly proficient, professional and passionate towards the cause of mindfulness training.

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