Eastern Mindfulness

About Us

Eastern Mindfulness is a scientific platform offering intensive & experiential self-development & excellence programs based on the central wisdom of Mindfulness. We aim at integrating the practice of ‘conscious living’ into the lives of individuals to help them breed clarity & nurture an objective perspective towards life in general.

It is never about controlling the winds that blow in our path, but about learning to glide with them righteously and prosperously. Isn’t a ‘conscious approach to one’s own mind’ one of the most prominent of things that everyone needs and almost everyone lacks?

This is basic yet rare and a pre-requisite for quality living.

Eastern Mindfulness processes & programs work on all the three levels of the human existence which are: the mental, emotional & physical. In today’s technologically advanced age, we are prone to using optimized gadgets, systems and devices. Ironically, we never think about optimizing ourselves. We like to have the latest updates for our devices, but we miserably fail to update our consciousness.

The programs revolve around domains like stress reduction, enhanced productivity, improved relationships, goal setting & planning, mindful leadership, confidence building, emotional intelligence, mindfulness meditation & yoga etc. In simple words, you work towards achieving an optimized version of yourself in every sense.

Eastern Mindfulness is a division of self development sciences LLP.

Alok Profile

Alok Taunk

Wellness coach, Mindfulness & meditation teacher, co-founder Eastern Mindfulness & MindFeed App..

Alok is a millennial visionary working towards his mission of building a mindful world. Alok has a management background & an intensive corporate work experience of more than 15 years. He has been following certain consciousness uplifting practices right from his childhood which helped him integrate a holistic & in-depth perspective towards the self & others.

These sciences have always fascinated him & made him dive deeper to bring out the best in terms of awareness, excellence, performance, connections & happiness. During his work tenure, he noticed how people struggled in handling uncertainties, insecurities, negative emotions & work pressure. Thus, he conceptualised a wellness platform that would offer scientific interventions to help people help themselves.

Alok is a wellness coach, mindfulness & meditation facilitator, co-founder – Eastern Mindfulness & MindFeed App. & is working closely with individuals & organisations, nationally & internationally.

Geetanjali profile

Geetanjali Shivanand

Holistic nutritionist & philanthropist, co-founder - Eastern Mindfulness & MindFeed App.

With the keen interest in understanding the human psychology, Geetanjali has spent a lot of time learning and studying the science of emotional literacy. She has for many years been involved in humanitarian projects all over the world. She has a non-profit organization which works with underprivileged women and children providing them daily essentials.

Geetanjali always had an interest in health and nutrition and uses a holistic approach to create a state of wellbeing for optimum health.

 She believes that with a pure and clean diet people can achieve the highest level of self awareness, calmness which can further assist in unlocking their hidden potential.

Our Mission

Mindful people make smarter choices, which ultimately leads to successful lives. Mindfulness is not just a part of life but it’s a way of life. Being conscious and aware about every intention, emotion, thought, action shall lead to a transformed & elevated living experience.

Via the Eastern Mindfulness processes, we are on a mission to build a mindful world. We hold a vision to empower individuals to:

  • Evolve consciously & continuously
  • Elevate focus & awareness
  • Become emotionally rooted
  • Optimize performance
  • Nourish & flourish relationships
  • Make conscious decisions & choices
  • Access peace & clarity on demand
  • Radiate happiness & positivity