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5 Ways To Be A Likable Person At Work

It feels awesome when someone refers you or advocates you for the kind of person you are, doesn’t it? & it feels exactly opposite when you get to know what people talk about you behind your back. It is horrible!

But is there any such formula which can make us likable by anyone and everyone around us? Is there a way forward by which we can build a strong rapport with our team members, colleagues, customers, clients & bosses? Is there any strategy by which whosoever connects with us, melts in our tune & starts liking us for who we are?

The answer is YES!

There is a way and I know you are more than eager to grab the formula as being a likable person has plenty perks & bonuses. But before we jump onto the 5 ways, it is essential to understand that you shall be able to radiate, share & display exactly what you have within. Thus to have a likable personality, you need to be a likable person.

  • Develop passion for compassion

Compassion can turn tables for you. Compassion is an art of empathizing with people, their situations, hardships, dilemmas & taking required actions to assist them with the best of your abilities & magnitude. Compassion helps you connect with people on the emotional level as you don’t just try being in their shoes but also take a step further to help them. Compassion is what ties you up with the other person in a golden rope. Try being compassionate with your team members, subordinates, superiors & clients which will definitely make them look at you in a different light altogether.

  • Your ears can wipe tears

We are wired to talk more and listen less & it’s a major misconception that if you talk more, people will remember you better. By listening, you empower others. Indirectly you are conveying a message that I care about what you talk, I care about your perceptions, thoughts & ideas. When you silently listen, you are allowing the other person to empty himself, which shall satisfy him to the core. Whether it is customer complaint, team issues, organizational challenges, listening is the first step towards your contribution. In short, it says that you care!

  • Character defines the actor

Stand by what you truly are and not keep swinging by the wind! Your words define your behavior & your behavior defines your character and character is what ultimately defines you as an actor. People are good observers & absorbents. You are watched closely & subconsciously analysed & evaluated. Every contradicting image of yours, builds up a character blueprint in other’s mind which unconsciously triggers their reaction towards your actions. Be the real you, because people love original stuff.

  • Yes, for being selfless

Its not always about you but people hardly understand this. We still have a highly active reptilian brain which turns us possessive & makes us fight & flight for our interests. Selflessness is the art of moving out from other’s way & allowing them to get away with their point of interest. Being selfless nurtures a sense of service & contribution which in turn helps the person to incline more towards you. Be selfless while working in teams, leading a team, handling projects for your customers /clients.

  • Stay Mindful to be cool!

Mindful people are always on their toes and are highly conscious about their words, actions, emotions & behavior which keeps them elevated in terms of health & performance & gives them an edge over others. Who doesn’t like to share space with such progressive and contributing individuals. Mindful people make mindful teams & mindful teams make mindful organizations.

Above given are highly curated, tested & practical methods to enhance your personality, sense of being & corporate presence. Implement these religiously and see the difference !

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Good luck, Alok Taunk | Founder – Eastern Mindfulness & MindFeed App. | www.easternmindfulness.com | www.mindfeedapp.com

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