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5 Hacks To Be A Super Leader

Leaders are NOT born. Leaders are MADE!

Leadership is a skill, an art that can be developed, polished & mastered. It’s a quality that can be nurtured and radiated to encourage, motivate, drive people to evolve & achieve their best versions.

Its not necessary to have a title or position to execute the leadership qualities, whenever and wherever needed one can take charge of a situation & evolve as a leader. Throughout decades, leadership has been described in many ways and the concept of a leader has been seen in various lights. Here, I’ve tried to lay down a practical pathway for becoming a SUPER LEADER and this is applicable in all walks of life. Whether you wish to showcase the leadership qualities in a work, family or social environment.


Leadership starts from YOU:


Charity begins at home, and the same stands true when it comes to leadership. We are not individual beings but a colony of billions of cells which have their individual minds. How would it be possible to lead and inspire others if we are not able to lead ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually?

The best way to manage and lead the self is to first be aware about our existence, our intentions, thoughts, words, actions, behaviour & beliefs. Because all this is what shall reflect & radiate externally. Be mindful about all these aspects & try sparing some time with yourself in order to understand the self-better as what you sow is what you reap !

It’s all about BEING & not doing:


A leader doesn’t set benchmarks or targets, he himself becomes a benchmark for others to look up to him. Its all about being what you preach. Your team, people around you should find no dissonance in what you stand for and what you do. The sun rises at a set time & just stays there, what happens post that is called LIFE. A leader needs to be a symbol of inspiration & what makes this happen is his actions, his decisions & his way of conduct. It’s not about how much you run and jump but how silently you foster change.

Be WARM, don’t warn:


Leaders need to be highly empathetic as they deal with living beings and not machines. Processes are for machines, empathy is for humans. Leaders are not the one who show people their places but they are the one who tries to be in their place and that’s where empathy is highly essential. People expect to be heard, to be understood, to be empathized as children expect the same from their parents. Being warm, shall help people to open up & be in tune with you which shall indirectly facilitate improved productivity, ROI & involvement.

INITIATE and don’t instruct:

Actions speak louder than words and actions inspire greater than words. When a leader is seen engaged with his vision, when he is seen submerged in his mission, when he is thinking, eating, sleeping, walking his dreams, nothing else can be more inspiring for people around him. When you initiate things, there is no need to instruct as your actions will serve as inspiration for your team.

To ROCK, you need to ROLL:


A leader is a constant source of inspiration, knowledge, motivation & energy. To be a lighthouse for an organization and for countless followers, a leader needs to constantly keep himself updated and optimized. Whether it is with the industry updates, knowledge or whether it is about his internal spark. As it is rightly said, a rolling stone gathers no moss and a leader is a rock not just a stone. Thus if a leader visualizes himself rocking his & the world of his countless followers, he needs to constantly roll!

Follow these envisioned & practical TOP 5 approaches to become a SUPER LEADER.

Good luck, Alok Taunk | Founder – Eastern Mindfulness | MindFeed App. | www.easternmindfulness.com | www.mindfeedapp.com

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