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Eastern Mindfulness aims at empowering individuals & organisations to integrate the art of conscious living via the science of Mindfulness. As we believe that, with conscious awareness comes clarity & with clarity, we are able to make better decisions & smarter choices. 


We deliver solutions for holistic wellness, performance & self-development via our interactive & engaging programs, online courses & mobile application. 


Our programs revolve around stress reduction, emotional literacy, mindful leadership, mental & emotional wellness, work life balance, goal management, conflict resolutions, corporate yoga & much more. 


We deliver them via classroom training as well as virtual engagements.  

Program Benefits

Release Your Stress

Your Work-Life Balance

Re-calibrate Emotions

Manifest Your Goals

Improve Your Focus

Strengthen Communication

Rewire Brain For Success

Nourish Relationships

Increase Productivity

Be a Mindful Leader

Online courses

Explore our intensive & experiential online courses that you can consume at your comfort, ease & pace.

We Can Help You With

Rewire Your Brain

Changes in the brain

Post just 15 minutes of Mindfulness meditation

Electroencephalogram (EEG) study



Changes observed post meditation

  • Amygdala size reduced
  • Cortical thickness increased
  • Prefrontal cortex activated
  • Activity in DMN reduced

This means:

  • Reduction in the levels of stress & anxiety
  • Activation of relaxation response
  • Improvement in focus & awareness
  • Increased mental & emotional resilience

Program Statistics

51% participants indicated 76%-100% improvement in focus & performance due to regular practice..

69% participants indicated 76%-100% improvement in sleep patterns due to regular practice.

81% participants indicated the program to be extremely effective.

62% participants indicated 76%-100% stress level reduction post programs.

Source:  Above graphs are a representation of surveys conducted in multiple Eastern Mindfulness programs. The collaborative sample size for this data is assumed to be greater than 700 participants.

MindFeed App

MindFeed App. is now available on Android store & soon will be available on IOS store. MindFeed App provides a vast digital audio library which includes wisdom series, intensive guided meditations, mindfulness processes both free and paid.The audios are specially designed to fit in your busy schedule.The content, delivered in the app, will help you to achieve more and to experience a greater fulfillment through a unique set of proven tools and strategies.

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Awesome Experiences

To simply put, the program is excellent. Alok is very good. The program was very effective and interactive. Thank you.
Ms. Pratima Mahadik
Geometric LTD
Felt great after the session. Got to know how few mindful minutes in a day can help to relax the body & mind instantly.
Mr. Maxim Saldanha
RAC IT Solutions
It was an amazing experience. Felt extremely positive & energetic. Your aura is great, keep it up!
Jyoti Dwivedi
Acting Faculty, Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute
It was ‘high’ value for time. I felt AWESOME! Overall, it was an introspective experience. Liked
Mr. Pramod Bhatkar
Director, Ultimate Computech

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